LIZANNE KNOTT says: Billy Penn Burger is the real deal, soulful, vibe drenched vocals and songwriting that knocks it out of the ballpark. Captivating, mesmerizing and a must-see performer. Do I sound like a fan? Well I am one.”

MARC MOSS says:  “Billy Burger writes songs that make other songwriters say, ‘I wish I wrote that song.'”  Target Studio   The Mosstins

CLIFF HILLIS says:  “Billy Burger writes songs that combine heartfelt lyrics and timeless melodies, with a warm and unique voice. Combine that with the stellar lineup of musicians that he records with, and the result is top-notch!”

NIK EVERETT says:  “Billy writes songs that touch your soul, fill your head, grab your heart and never let go. You have been warned.”

JOHN MONDICK of BIRDS OVER ARKANSAS says: Love Billy Penn Burger! Such a great songwriter! Birds Over Arkansas

GREG BOYER says: Kathy and I just got back to Philly after seeing Billy Burger and band at the Kennett Flash. This guy writes great songs. He also knows how to deliver in a low affect which is disarming and reassuring. His band is not a backup band. This is a fully realized sound. There is a majesty in the songs he plays on his acoustic guitars and his players are right with him. This is a great songwriter with a great band. Kathy Rose and Greg Boyer

JOHN LILLEY says:  “Songs from many years ago still hold up to the test of time, and the newer ones are like a welcome glass of fine wine….. a believable and authentic collection of honest songs. I am happy to have been a part of his musical journey.”

TOM HAMPTON  says: Billy has something that a lot of songwriters would kill for – his own voice. He brings you into the moment that he’s experiencing, and you feel as though he understands you.

RICK BELL says:  When I hear a tune and I want to hear it again, even before I’ve finished the first listen, well, that’s got me good. Billy Burger has grabbed me more than once like that. Hey, I even had to talk him into letting me sing on his new CD, (which he has), because his songs inspired me & I wanted to be part of it. Thank you, Billy! ElectricBlueWaves

BERT HARRIS says:  “Billy’s songs reach you where we are,  all in one heart…. That is unique and powerful.” PhillyGumbo 

SOL KNOPF says:  “I love his voice. I love his  delivery. And most of all I love the honesty and integrity of his writing.”

CHRIS SHERLOCK says: “Powerfully unique hooks, hauntingly heartfelt melodies, and undisputedly genuine lyrics, complimented by killer production and stellar musicianship. ChrisSherlock

MICHAEL RONSTADT says: “Billy Burger had me in for a cello session on the song “The Right Thing,” and it was truly an honor to work with him.  He knows how to write and perform a song that comes across with ease, is truly unique, but still leaves me singing it in my head for hours.”

GERI SMITH says: “Billy Burger’s songs have the power to evoke the emotions we all experience…. These songs are carefully crafted against the backdrop of beautiful open tuning guitar parts, making the solo versions as accessible as the produced ones.” GeriSmith

LEE ZAGORSKI / former director Chaplin’s Music Cafe & The Kennett Flash says “Billy Penn Burger will fill your heart with lyrics of true emotion and a story of life and love that other performers wish they could express. An elite artist that will leave you wanting more.”

and last, but not least, DAVE HARTL (DaveHartl) says:

“Billy Burger is a special guy to me. I played with him in the Get Right Band at the end of the ’70’s and knew him as a really nice guy and good friend who played bass, sang, and had written a few songs. After I moved away for many years, we met again. One of the great pleasures of this past year was to play with Billy again, this time not only with the Get Right Band in a reunion, but backing him up in his own project. It was more than a pleasure to me, it was a learning experience.

Some friends grow older and when you see him they’ve stiffened (sometimes calling it “focus”) and gotten less open to things. A true artist, however, keeps growing and absorbing influences over the years, aging like fine wine and becoming more complex, subtle, and expressive with the years.

Billy Burger is a friggin’ artist.

He’s taken the Joni Mitchell “tune the guitar anyway you want and figure out what works with it” approach and found his own methods and approaches. His voice has become confident and expressive. And his songwriting reflects an understanding of life and maturity that ranks with the best of them. I hear him singing and recognize the voice from the Seventies, but it’s strong and confident now. A musician’s music always shows what they are more than their conversation and I like hearing his music; I like the guy he’s become.

Anytime you want me to play behind you, Billy, call me up. I don’t deny myself good times.”