"Songs from many years ago still hold up to the test of time, and the newer ones are like a welcome glass of fine wine. A believable and authentic collection of honest songs. I am happy to have been a part of his musical journey." -John Lilley

"Billy Burger writes songs that combine heartfelt lyrics and timeless melodies, with a warm and unique voice. Combine that with the stellar lineup of musicians that he records with, and the result is top-notch!"-Cliff Hillis

"Billy has something that a lot of songwriters would kill for - his own voice. He brings you into the moment that he's experiencing, and you feel as though he understands you."-Tom Hampton

"Billy writes songs that touch your soul, fill your head, grab your heart and never let go. You have been warned."-Nik Everett

Living Documents: Billy's acclaimed independent release from November 2013, features several of Philadelphia's most admired musicians: John Lilley (The Hooters, In The Pocket), Cliff Hillis (In The Pocket, Smash Palace, Ike), Tom Hampton (Poco, Marshall Tucker Band, Craig Bickhardt), and Jay Davidson (Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, The Funk Brothers), to name only a few.

Recorded by Marc Moss and Cliff Hillis, mixed and mastered at the Cliff Hillis Hacienda.